Scout Troop Information

We currently meet in the Old School House on Main Street in Newcastle, Co. Dublin (approx. 8 minutes from Celbridge) on Thursday nights from 7:30pm to 9pm

The Scout Troop in generally divided into small groups, called Patrols.  Each Patrol will have a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader.  Depending on the size of the troop each patrol can have 6-8 members.   


Our Leaders (also called Scouters) are all voluntary.  The Scout Section Scouter is James Murphy.

Generally during our weekly meetings we work on Scouting skills in the following main areas:

We also play games, usually in teams which helps develop team work and co-operation.

There is also an opportunity to earn special interest badges based on outside interests.  The Troop also has regular outings, hikes and camps. We plan to provide a fun packed and challenging programme for all our Scouts.


Group Necker
The one item worn at all times (except when removed for safety reasons) is our Group Neckerchief or "Necker". The Group necker is ordered by the Group for all sections and is given to the Scout when they are invested.  If the Scout has come up from Cubs they will continue to use their necker. Scouts are recommended to purchase a second necker to keep with their Class A uniform and to have a spare handy for the day they can't find their regular one.

The Class A uniform is as follows:

** For certain formal occasions (e.g. Guard of Honour at funeral, plain black/dark shoes & socks must be worn)

Class A uniform is worn when travelling, at monthly uniform inspections or when otherwise advised.

Scout uniforms and other Scouting related items are available in the "Scout Shop"
  Outdoor Adventure Store
  Liffey Street, Dublin 1
  Tel: 01-872 6501

At the time of writing the uniform costs about €23 for the shirt, €27 for the trousers and the SI belt is around €10.

**We do NOT communicate directly to Youth members outside of weekly meetings.  We will never send a Text or Email directly to a Scout.**

To show our respect for the environment, we tend to avoid printing and handing out notices.  We also found that doing this didn't increase the chances of a parent getting to actually see the information.  Most detailed information is sent out by email to parents and you will be notified by Text that an email has been sent out for your attention.

Websites & emails
We have our own group website 

The Scout leaders can be emailed on  The Scouting Ireland website is

Badge Placement
It is a good idea to sew on new badges as soon as you get them.  While sewing is the best method, you can use Wundaweb and sew down the corners.
Here is a guide to where to sew on your badges...CLICK HERE  

Losing things!
The first issue of a Group Necker or Badge is free; if any item is lost it can be replaced but at a cost.  The Group Necker is €5.00 and any badge is €1.  Note that badges can only be replaced if the Scout has already been awarded it and has mislaid the original badge.

Also, please ensure your child’s uniform and belongings are labelled (including both legs of the zip-off trousers!).

Every year we hold Investiture Ceremonies.  These are simple ceremonies where new Scouts make their Promise and are invested as Scouts.  
Investitures may take place in the scout den or when we are out on activities.  Generally we try to invest new members when we are on camp or similar events.

Annual Fee
The Annual Fee covers the hire of the hall, equipment, programme materials, entries to competitions, registration fee to Scouting Ireland, badges, Leader training, reference books, group neckers and woggles.  It does not cover trips, outings, camps or travel.  We do our best to keep the cost of these to a minimum.  Thanks to fund-raising efforts, we often have a small fund available to provide subsidies for some of these outings. It is our group policy that where possible additional subsidy is made available to any child who might not otherwise be able to attend any outing due to cost; so please come and talk to a leader if this is ever an issue for you.

Field Trips, Outings and Camps
Over the last number of years, we have had many day activities and Camps including attending Jamboree 2008 in Punchestown; Ski-ing in Austria in 2009; Peak 2010, in Derbyshire, UK; the International home of Scouting in Kandersteg, Switzerland in 2011; Crawfordsburn, Co Down, 2012 and most recently the Kent International Jamboree in the UK.

Taking Scouts away means being able to trust each Scout to do their best and to follow the Leader’s guidance.  This trust has to be earned by each Scout before they can be taken away.

Useful links:

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We have recently moved location to the Old School House on Main Street in Newcastle, Co. Dublin (approx. 8 minutes from Celbridge)